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We have added some things to ... the Hound part of our store.  We have added new treats for our special smaller friends.  They are all natural, and they include Sweet Potato Chews, and Zukes. Both have been popular.  




As you can see by the picture, we now have dog booties.  They're just right for the colder months of the year.  And we have new fancier matching dog collars and leashes.  The dog collars I like the best are the one that include both the Horse and the Hound.  They are Dog Collars made from colored Horse Hair.  They not only look good, but they are stong too!  

We have dog warmers and new Snuggly doggie pillows.   

Remember, you are always welcome to bring your canine friends in for a visit!  We only ask for them be on a leash and well behaved.  

Of course, for those who are real canine lovers, we have cards and stationary that are just right for any occasion.  We didn't forget Christmas either.  Yes ornaments . . . . jusr in case you missed the first picture.  


Thank you for stopping on our Web-site.  Please come back again soon.   

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