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We have added a lot of new Horse and Hound Items to Freshen up your home away from the Barn  They include mats, and dishes, and trivwets, and . . .  well , , , Just look for your self:  


And these types of items are just to stylish, I have just this thing, and I like these too:


It's just based on your view, your mood, orhow much fun you would like it to be, or something like that.  Anyway, here's looking at you:    

    The question is, do I mean the front ot the rump?  

An yes we still have Jewrlry, wonderful Hand Cream, Jewelry Boxes, Horse and Hound Book Ends, Statues, Lamps, Pottery, Pictures, Paradise Horses, other goodies for your little ones, and more.    

  I think it is the Run!  

I don't forget we have Pet Memorials too.  They are good for outside or in.  It can be a saying, a photo, or both.  The choice is up to you.   

 For any of you who were still holding out for the Moose, or Bear, or Dear Wall hangingd, I am sorry to tell you, if is to late.  We are all sold out.    Better luck next time!   


Thank you for stopping on our Web-site.  Please come back again soon.   

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