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Spring is well underway, and the riding season is in progress.   The Horse and the Hound has added to our selections.  These selections include new Treadstone tall boots, Charles Owen Airated (AYR8) helmets (Very Comfy! - That's the word from our riding friends who have already tried them).  In fact wev'e had a hard time keeping them in stock.  If you were in a GPA, but need a new helmet, try the Airated, it saves a penny or two, and you won't be disapointed.  

Our  Crew has Cahnged a little over the last several weeks (see the News).  Still they have just spuced up the place for the riding season.  This includes riding jackets at 40% off (on consignement from Hobby Hosre).  A lot have sold already, so heary.  New, cool weight riding appaerle from Irideon,  Plus halters, brigddles, . . . . . ? ? ? ? ?   

We carry English Hunter/Jumper, Dessage, Hunt, Eventing, and some Western riding supplies and apparel.


These are just a few of the things we stock regularly.  They include everything from winter insulated and water-proof rideing boots to tack hooks and bucket handles.

Our Equestrian lines include the old favorites:  Ariat, Harry Hall, Epona, Ovations, Centaur, Eurofit, Trainer's Choice, Custom Riding Apparel, Charles Owen, Goode Rider, Pessoa, Professional's Choice, Mountain Horse, Roeckl, Tech-Style, Back On Track, Arista, Rambo/Horseware, Stirrup, Wellington, Tipperary and more. . . . . Oh!  Did I say we also carry "FITS" briches byFun-In-The-Saddle too?

I have been told, under the strictest duress, that Sarah's Tack Room is no more.  It is now "Robin, Sue, and Alicia's Tack Room."  If there is nothing else I have lerned in the past two years, I have learned this: Keep the Women Happy!  I will leave it to you to figure out the rest??


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