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Coffee Bar

(The English Rose Coffee House)


You can call in orders in advance.  We will have your order ready and waiting.  

We are a full working Coffee House.  Besides lattes and Cappiccinos, we make hot and cold drinks of all types.  Some of our new drinks are:

Caramel Blended Latte
Hot Apple Pie in a Cup
Sippable Gingerbread (yes, it's a hot drink, too)
Frozen Hot Chocolate
Peppermint Twisted Hot Chocolate

We have Coffee both by the cup (various sizes) and the bag (or sack - if you prefer).  

                Coffee by bag:        

1/2 LB.

$5.50 Reg*./$6.80 Decaf.

1 LB.  

$10.95 Reg*./$13.50 Decaf.

                                                            *(except for Kiva Kona)

Coffee Tip For The Day:  Indian Monsoon Coffee is mild.  It is mild because it is Monsooned.  That is, the monsoon rains wash it for up to 12 weeks.  This takes the place of the long ocean sail ride the coffee made before the steam-ship came along.  The faster ships did not provide the time and humidity needed to mellow the coffee.  Thus if it is not monsooned, the coffee is harsh.  

I call this Sue's View.  Remember to say hello in the Morning to Sue . . . .   

Our Coffees include:  "Girlfriend's Choice." (Palermo)  It s a blend of the best beans from Ethiopia, Columbia, and Costa Rica.), Columbian Supremo, Guatemalan, Kiva Kona, and Sumatra Manhelding.  Coffee comes from around the world.  Coffee Producing Countries include:  India, Ethiopia (where coffee originated), Columbia, Guatemala,  Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, and more.  The areas are mountainous and tropical or semi-tropical.  

We carry Big Train cold drinks.  They include Vanilla Latte, Kona Mocha, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry, Orange Creamsicle.  We have Tea.  Ask us for a Flavor, and we carry several different brands.

We have hot Chocolate, Chai Tea (in Spice and Vanilla).  If you want it, we sell the Chai by the tub (Some of our Customers Prefer it that way). Our hot Chocolate is the "Real McCoy."  I mean real chocolate.  

We make custom dirnks for many of our Customers.  Don't be afraid to ask!

We have Sodapop by Boylan.  Flavors include  Cola, Black Cherry, Orange, Orange Cream, Grape, Cherry, Creme, Root Beer, Birch Beer, and Mint Julep.  We have Joe Iced Tea and Lemonade.  Tea flavors onclude Peach, Raspberry, and Green.


Thank you for stopping on our Web-site.  Please come back again soon.   

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